Who is your
Holistic Body Therapist?

More importantly,
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The Bartholomew Method Program

A Holistic body therapy plan which integrates a whole life program with The Bartholomew Method bodywork, to break down toxins, create circulation, and generate healing.  Along with proper diet and nutrition, full body hot stone therapy with specially blended herbal heat packs, hot stone reflexology, major meridian acupressure, cerebral spinal therapy, and therapeutic movement (yoga/Thai Chi-based) are used in complement to each other, to unify body and mind.  Where imbalance, pain, and dis-ease once existed, health and vigor come again.  The Bartholomew Method Program returns your equilibrium.

Sean Bartholomew’s Biography

As a Holistic Body Therapist for over 15 years Sean Bartholomew knows what goes on inside the human body when it is not taken care of properly.  He ensures a “low impact and high residual” body/mind therapy, both on and off the table and yoga mat.

The program  “The Bartholomew Method” is a proven therapy to realign the major meridians and open up energy paths in the body features Herbal Heat Therapy, Hot Stone Reflexology and Hot Stone Therapy on the body… TMJ relief and Cerebral Spinal Therapy to relive the jaw and neck of lactic acid. 

Sean is the owner and a Master Practitioner / Holistic Body Therapist in beautiful Twin Peaks at Breathe Wellness Center.   Now offering holistic all natural alternatives to attain wellness and a healthy lifestyle to relieve pain and suffering. The Bartholomew Method is also being featured at The Springs in DTLA.

As a graduate of the Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing in Los Angeles, he studied multiple massage modalities, Polarity Yoga, Body Posturing and Tai Chi. Putting “all of the work together” just made sense and “life just got easier,” says Sean.

He is so passionate about teaching therapeutic movement, he even made a (soon to be released) Dvd for you to “stay in your practice” at home and on the go.

Sean’s Therapeutic Movement classes and workshops are focused on low impact, gentle bodywork allowing the body to get what it needs to balance and rejuvenate.

Sean and his wife volunteer and lend their expertise at their children’s elementary school, Sean teaching movement classes, and his wife as PTA President and Meet the Masters art teacher.  They are grateful to call the mountain community home.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bartholomew Method is three fold:
• To provide a Psycho-Structural Balancing that will result in our clients achieving and maintaining an optimum level of overall health.
• To completely change the practice of Massage Therapy by educating the industry and providing training to raise all practitioners to a masterful level.
• To provide the highest quality of supplies and equipment for our clients and Massage Therapists.

“Changing Lives, Changing the Future, One Body at a Time”


With an impressive menu of treatments to choose from, a favorite is the hot stone therapy and reflexology treatment. The mission is to heal the body and rid it of lactic and uric acid build up caused by stress and tension. With stones heated to a staggering 165 degrees (one of, if not the hottest temperature used in town), clients are guaranteed to receive an intense treatment. It begins with a warm pillow made of various herbs including lavender and mustard seeds placed gently on your lower back and spine, which allows the muscles to slowly release and relax. Then the therapist begins his magic of massaging your body with a combination of stones and his hands. The results are indisputable. Aches and pains seem to disappear and clients leave feeling truly rejuvenated.

On our quest for long life and wellness we are often lured away from good health by the conveniences of the modern world. A miracle pill, a quick (and easy) meal, or a painless three and a half minute exercise program are all we have time for in our rush-rush lives, and we like it just like that. 

Unfortunately, convenience and vibrant health do not always go hand in hand. The magnificently designed body systems we count on are not infallible. Filling ourselves with fat laden, calorically empty “fast” foods and depriving our hearts and bodies of physical exercise begins a downward spiral of ill health. Our overtaxed immune systems cease to function optimally. Other systems such as the lymphatic (toxic drainage) and nervous systems falter, usually with disease and pain as a result.

Thankfully, the trend in food service and commercially packaged foods is toward good health. Baby steps, but they’re finally getting it. Salads are now available in fast food restaurants, healthier (and sometimes organic!) options are available in the freezer section of your local grocery store and manufacturers are more forthcoming about their ingredients. You may have even seen companies cropping up around town which will “help” you with your meal planning and preparation, providing fresh, natural choices so you can eat well AND quickly/conveniently. This of course is all with emphasis on the positive effect of good nutrition and health.

All right, you say, but what else can you do? Your exercise program consists of chasing the children into the bath at night, or carrying your briefcase from the house to the car to the office, or simply bending down twice a day to feed the dog, right? You eat whatever is handy and occasionally you even sit down to enjoy your meal. You have pain in your shoulder (or hip, joints, knee, etc.) that never seems to go away and you’re beginning to think headaches are the gift with purchase you receive with a busy life. If any of this sounds familiar, you will be pleased to know there is hope. There is a shortcut to health.

That shortcut is massage therapy. Proper massage therapy is an ancient healing art and today it is quickly becoming part of our collective health regimen. The benefits of massage therapy are endless, including at the very least, relief from pain, stress and toxic buildup (all of which can lead to weight gain and disease when unchecked). A good massage therapist can be the conduit for the return of good health to your body.

Over the last ten years, researchers have written countless reports on this growing health trend. From 1996 to 2005 the benefits of massage therapy were documented in health journals such as The American Journal of Public Health, The American Journal of Nursing, The Journal of Gerontological Nursing, The Journal of Rheumatological Research and The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, among others. According to these reputable health journals, massage therapy has been successful in treatment of common problems such as chronic back pain, headaches, high blood pressure, premenstrual syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as a variety of other ailments and disorders including, but not limited to arthritis, fibromyalgia, stroke and alcohol withdrawal. Alzheimer’s and oncology patients have shown marked improvement after a regular program of massage therapy. The renowned Mayo Clinic even suggests that massage therapy benefits adults and children stricken with immune disorders, anxiety, depression and diabetes. Massage therapy is one of the three most-covered alternative therapies by insurance carriers, with 14 of the major 18 providers answering consumer demands and realizing the health benefits of cost-effective plans covering massage.

What does this mean to you? It means that what was once reserved for special occasions and gift giving is now at the forefront of healing technology. You are as entitled to a massage as you are toBREATHE. No need to feel guilty that you are splurging or taking time off from the rigors of daily life. On the contrary, you are preparing yourself for a long and healthy daily life! Massage creates wellness, wellness facilitates productivity and productivity feeds directly into your happiness and contentment with those busy lives we discussed earlier.

If you are new to massage, you may be wondering what to do next. How do I get a massage? What do I ask for? How do I know if the therapist is competent? I’ve seen words like “Swedish”, “Deep Tissue” and “Hot Stone Therapy”, but how do I know what to ask for? If you’re like me, you do a little research. Ask questions – find out what’s out there in the world of massage therapy. Learn the different massage modalities and the benefits of heat to blood circulation, muscle relaxation and pain relief. In massage, knowledge is key. You may discover a myriad of relaxing, calming techniques like Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reflexology and Aromatherapy that you never knew about. Or, you may realize that when your therapist integrates heated stones into your massage, you find relief never achieved with other “traditional” treatments. If you can find a competent Hot Stone Specialist – someone who really knows how to manipulate heat to heal – you have achieved the closest thing to nirvana I have found.

The first thing to do is to make an appointment.Most therapists (the good ones anyway) work by appointment only and generally book days in advance. Occasionally, you may be fortunate enough to get an appointment the same day you call, but it’s best to plan ahead to save yourself the aches and pains of disappointment, especially when you have aches and pains in the first place. When you call, inquire about your therapist’s background. Is he or she an established bodywork professional with years of training and experience or someone new to the field? Does the therapist have a specialty and if so, how can it benefit you to book your appointment with him or her? Ideally, when your therapist is proficient in multiple modalities, he or she will best be able to cater to your specific needs. You will probably ask what the fee is because of course, costs can be prohibitive to some, but please, for your own health, do not let this be your first line of questioning. Often in massage, you get what you pay for.

So how do you receive a massage? First, make sure you are clean (freshly showered is best) and on time for your appointment. Your therapist has most likely made specific preparations for your arrival and appreciates timeliness, as well as the chance to discuss any conditions or concerns with you. Being on time allows for your needs and physical issues to be addressed. Next, make sure to communicate well with your therapist. If you forget to tell your therapist you just had knee surgery or that you have sensitive feet, you may feel discomfort and not get the most out of your bodywork. Feel free to ask the therapist questions or make requests regarding your massage – from the topic of comfort to the degree of heat or pressure you will feel. If your therapist recommends you undress and leaves the room for several minutes for you to do so, do not be alarmed. The best way to receive a massage is unclothed, however you may dress down to your own comfort level. You will be covered with sheets or towels and your therapist, aware of your need for privacy, will use proper body draping and undrape only the specific parts of your body he or she is working on. (Therapeutic massage is not a sexual service and inappropriate discussion and advances are not welcome.) Once you are on the massage table, begin by breathing deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth, several times. This will help clear your mind and slow you down from the day’s busy activities, as well as bring more oxygen to your blood, increasing circulation. Try to relax and keep conversation to a minimum, speaking softly and about your needs (more or less pressure, heat, etc.) when necessary.

In healing massage, your therapist’s goal should be to ease whatever is ailing you. This may require a series of treatments or a monthly or bi-monthly maintenance program. You and your therapist can discuss the best schedule to serve your health needs. You do not need to be in pain to see a massage therapist. Part of the benefit of a massage maintenance program is optimal health! You may feel great – as though you could miss a visit – but the tip here is that those regular visits are probably the reason for your liveliness.

Each of us has his or her own path to well being. We trudge along through the obstacles life brings us seeking happiness, energy and good health. With lives as frenetic and busy as ours, we all appreciate a shortcut here and there. A therapeutic massage offers the benefits of better health we all need. Imagine having a shortcut to good health, and actually enjoying the treatments!


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