The Method

A quadriplegic with chronic pain experiences considerable relief from his suffering for the first time in fifteen years and grows inches taller in six months, his feet brought back to there normal size in just a few sessions after being 3 times there norm.  A survivor of breast cancer,  remains cancer-free for years using Lymphatic Drainage.  A fifteen-year-old girl with autism, never speaks to anyone except her parents and sister as a young child, chats with her animatedly with her girlfriends, laughing and behaving as a normal teenager would.

What is the common denominator that links these three people? The Bartholomew Method.

Sean Bartholomew, the developer of this method, is an innovator, a pioneer, a trailblazer, a vanguard. No matter the attribute, this man spent the greater part of twenty years unraveling the mysteries of the human body, paving the way for the development of The Bartholomew Method.

Sean Bartholomew is a Holistic Body Therapist, practicing his own style of psycho-structural balancing, a literal body-mind realignment. Using a combination of techniques in his sessions—hot stone therapy, reflexology, traditional massage, lymphatic manipulation and herbal heat wraps—he is no ordinary “massage therapist”. To call him such would be a gross affront to the significant work he does. Sean is a Master of the Body, a practitioner so skilled at the Method, clients leave his table feeling renewed, repaired and remade.

Sean caters to the needs of each individual, wherever he or she may be at that moment. An emotionally stymied kindergarten teacher, a sore marathoner, a victim of childhood molestation—Sean Bartholomew is able to give relief to sore muscles, deliverance from emotional pain and compassionately provides a safe place for psychological trauma, all within the confines of a 64-square-foot room. He accomplishes this using The Bartholomew Method and nothing else.

Adopted as an infant into a family of six, the feeling of wanting to “belong” pervaded the deepest level of his consciousness.  After working in a hospital Emergency room, ICU and CCU and delivering 8 to 10 babies a day in the Army, at the age of 23, Sean had the misfortune of seeing a traditional massage therapist for a bad shoulder. The man brutalized his body, mincing his muscles and pounding him into pudding. His experience with the Mussolini of Massage forever changed his perception of what body therapy should be and started him on the path to thinking of a better way to do it.

Upon receiving his certification as a massage therapist, a question niggles daily at his mind: ‘What can I do to better my practice today from what I learned yesterday?’

A burning desire to be the best and to give the best spurns him on to learn more about the body and how it manifests pain. He spends hours reading about the causes and effects of different ailments and their treatments, expanding his knowledge base and his mind. Sean’s own issue with Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) leads him to take a class and become certified in Cranial-Sacral work. The more he learns, the more he grows, and the deeper his understanding of the human mind and body becomes.

It takes Sean several years to perfect his Method, which he calls The Bartholomew Method, through trial and error and by canvassing his clients for suggestions. Eventually, when he asks people, “What can I do better?”, the reply is always the same, “Nothing at all. Don’t change a thing!” He has hit on the proverbial “sweet spot” for his work. The method that he has spent years developing is working. People are experiencing real and lasting relief from pain and injury for the first time in their lives and are able to feel whole again.

This is quite literally “where he lives” today—using The Bartholomew Method to help clients work through emotional issues, physical pain and injury, using his amazing treasury of techniques and therapeutic applications. Sean’s method is revolutionary. It is as meaningful to the world as Edison’s invention of the light bulb—it changed everything. Can anybody imagine life without light in today’s modern society? Once someone experiences The Bartholomew Method, he or she cannot imagine life without it either.